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Jul 08 Vol. 6 No. 3

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Of Substance has grown. That’s what you have told us, and that’s what we have responded with – a bigger and better 36-page issue, up four pages from our usual 32.

Our staff, and the independent evaluating team, owe a special thanks to the many readers and sector experts who took the time to contribute to our recent evaluation. You were generous with your praise of the magazine’s content, and had some helpful suggestions about how we can continue to grow and contribute to making your work more effective. To read about the evaluation findings, see page 33.

In this issue, we turn to the subject of tobacco use. Australia has done well in reducing its smoking rates, with the number of smokers falling and

fewer young people taking up the habit.


We also report key findings from the latest National Household Survey, as well as examine the impact of a recent focus on ‘comorbidity’ or the co-occurrence of mental health and substance use problems, which impacts many of the clients seen by staff in the AOD sector.

There is plenty of concern for the wellbeing of Australian young people. In this issue, we discuss drug testing in schools, and look at the misleading messages society is giving young people about the way they use alcohol and other drugs.

And finally, among the many features in this issue, I’m proud to introduce our newest series. Called ‘Drugs around the world’, we will be exploring the policy approach taken by several countries towards drugs. In other places, policies can be very different to our own, and make for interesting reading and discussion. With the Olympics next month, we thought it fitting to focus on China and the way that country handles the tension between a hardline approach to drug use and the enormous challenge of keeping HIV at bay.  Read more...